Donnerstag, 7. Januar 2016

Vorschau Januar

Am Sonntag, dem 10. Januar 2016 um18 Uhr ist der Max Clouth Clan zu Gast bei den Freien Klängen in der Festung Mark:
Max Clouth – Indian Jazz Guitar, Lotus Guitar
Markus Wach – Bass
Martin Standke – Schlagzeug 
Max Clouth „combines the tradition of jazz guitar with elements of North and South Indian music“ (Radio hr2 Kultur). His music ranges from intense, catchy compositions to indian phrasing techniques to virtuoso guitar work. Though innovative in his approach, his works maintain respect for the tradition of jazz guitar. T.L. Mazumdar, nominated for the Bremen Jazz Award 2012, is a „charismatic and exceptional musician“ ( with „overwhelming talent“ (Jack Douglas, produced Jimi Hendrix). He adds spherical vocal parts and modern keyboard and synth sounds to the Clan’s music. Max Clouth Clan feat. TL Mazumdar – modern jazz with Indian flavour and great potential to touch listeners all over the world.

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